Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The article “United flight diverted to DIA” by Jordan Steffen matters because People could have been severely injured. United Airlines flight 223 traveling from Washington, Dulles Airport, to Las Vegas, but diverted to Denver because a passenger tried to open an exterior door. Later they found that the man who tried to open the door had been intoxicated with alcohol. This matters to the world because “on any given day, more than 87,000 flights are in the skies in the United States.”(NATCA) Many more of these situations could happen, but be successful. This matters to me because my Father is a business man and is gone for at least two days a week. This means that he is in danger because somebody could open an exterior door. This matters to education because it is up to education to solve this problem.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


The article “Dr. Warschauer visits East and Hopkins” by Dan Maas matters because Dr. Warschauer thinks “computers are a waste of money, and that students should be learning important skills like writing and reading rather than wasting time on computers” which is totally barbaric. Dr. Warschauer is stuck in the past when computers were not as advanced and convenient and books were the only thing they really had. Computers are not a waste of time because they prepare us for the future because they give us an advantage over other schools that do not have the privileges of using computers in school. In conclusion computers are a big part of my academic success and are not a waste of time and money.


The article “Police: Teen says he killed parents over chores” by the associated press matters because a teen killed his parents over chores. In Monte Vista, Colorado a 14 year old boy killed his mother and step father because he did not want to do chores. After killing his parents he spent the night watching movies and plying on the computer. The next day he went to school in the morning, then fled in the family pick up truck. This matters to me because I cannot imagine killing my parents over simple house hold chores. This matters to education because the boy probably had stress academically, and by adding more stress at home made it so he killed his parents.. This maters to the world because people need to realize that teenagers are under tremendous amount of stress.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


The article "Hunger and World" by www.poverty.com Poverty matters because it is a big problem today. According to this article about 25,000 people die every day because of poverty. This means that one person dies every three and a half seconds. This matters to me because I can help by cutting back on spending and donating to organizations such as food for education which gives food to kids if they attend school and food for work which puts adults to work building schools, digging wells, make roads, and so on. This matters to the world because it is a problem everywhere. Poverty and hunger matters to education because kids can’t receive an education because of poverty. In conclusion poverty matters because it affects me, the world, and education.

Monday, January 11, 2010


In Mr. Fisch’s tweet on The Edge the in internet is changing the way I think because I use it everyday. The internet is becoming more and more popular; more people have an E mail, Facebook, Twitter, Wiki, blogger account, and many more. People are also using the internet for education because there are many great sites such as Diggo, Wikipedia, Moodle, and more. The internet changes the way I think because by using social networking sites such as twitter I can see the different views of the topic. The internet also changes the way I think because it is more convenient than going to the library and checking out a book. In conclusion the internet doesn’t just change the way I think, but the way the world thinks.