Sunday, December 13, 2009

PLN 29

The article “CU green dorm may get shower timers” matters because it shows that CU wants to help the environment by reducing water usage. This article is about how CU wants to put timers on the showers that will shut off the shower after a certain amount of time. This matters to me because by the time I go to college many colleges will have these devices and I will use it. This matters to the world because universities around the world will most likely be using these devices as well. This matters to education because it teaches kids green habits. In conclusion I think the shower timers are revolutionary, green, and smart.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

PLN 28

The article “Woman killed by drunk driver identified” by matters because drunk driving is a huge problem in our world today. For example, by the time I finish my homework tonight three people will die because of a drunk driver. Nicole King, 28, was hit by Michael Bartczak, 37, last night just before midnight. Michael Bartczak has a long list of driving tickets, and now he has an even longer one. This article especially matters to me because one of my best friends was killed by a drunk driver last year. This article matters to the world because it is a huge problem around the globe. For example as of 4:34 p.m on December 8, 2009 11,021 people have died this year in the U.S alone. This article matters to our class because everyone in our class is a teenager and half of all teenage fatalities were alcohol related. This also relates to our class because 81% of drunk drivers are male. In conclusion, don’t drink and drive.

*All the facts above are from

Sunday, December 6, 2009

PLN 27

The article “Southwest plane lands at DIA after in-flight birth” by Ann Schrader matters because it doesn’t happen every day. Friday morning southwest flight 441 was headed from Chicago to Salt lake city, but encountered a major problem. A woman went into labor. Around 10:45 a.m a baby boy was born. This matters to me because I found it very interesting. This matters to education because if the doctor did not go to medical school and get an education the baby would not have been as successful as it was. This matters to the world because it doesn’t happen often, and when it does the whole world knows about it. In conclusion the article “Southwest plane lands at DIA after in-flight birth” by Ann Schrader matters because it is a very rare occasion.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

PLN 26

The article “ Teens suspected in busy Lakewood car thefts” by Kieran Nicholson matters because it gives teens an ever worse reputation. Early Sunday morning police dispatchers got a call saying that their Dodge pick up truck is being stolen. Later that day police found the truck, four other stolen cars, and the thieves. One of the teen juveniles asked the cop if they “set a record for the most stolen cars in a day.” This matters to me and the world because this is why teens have a bad reputation. This article matters to education because education prevents much crime from happening by having kids learn and realize that crime is bad, giving kids activities after school, keeps them from doing crime during the school day, and has counseling. In conclusion these teens were stupid and indifferent.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

PLN 25

The article “Springs girl, 14, dies in Breckenridge ski accident” by Kieran Nicholson matters because over 469 people died because of skiing from 1991 to 2003 in the U.S ( Haley Rose Gans a 14 year old girl died today, November 22, 2009, at 11:45 a.m skiing down a blue run at Breckenridge. Even though Haley was wearing a helmet when she hit the tree she still died. This article matters to me because I LOVE to ski and it makes me realize how dangerous it can be and even though I wear a helmet I could still die. This matters to the world because many people ski, and they also need to realize that they need to be more careful because not only could they harm themselves, but they could harm other people. This matters to our class because since we live in Colorado and most of the class go skiing. In conclusion everyone needs to be more careful when skiing.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Howard Pankratz’s article “Armed Bicyclist robs Lakewood bank” matters because it happened in our community. Today, November 17, 2009, at 9:45 a.m Dion K. Morgan a 41 year old man held up Liberty Savings Bank, demanded money, then jumped on his get away BIKE. No, not the kind of bike that has a motor, but the kind you have to pedal. This matters to me because this happened in my community and someone I know could have been harmed. This matters to the community because people could have been harmed by this incident because he had a gun. This matters to education because it shows how important it is to get an education because this guy obviously did not get an education.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

PLN 23

The article “Passengers on plane that hit birds expected in Denver today” by The Denver Post matters because 120 people could have died. Saturday night around 6 p.m., a plane full of passengers hit a flock of birds and damaged an engine. The Airbus 319 then had to turn around immediately and return to Kansas City’s airport. It landed safely, and nobody was injured.This matters to the world because there are birds everywhere in the world and could happen to other planes around the world. This matters to education because we need to find a way to prevent this from happening again. This matters to me because my dad fly’s all the time for business and maybe one of these times his plane could hit a flock of birds.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

PLN 22

In the article "Put Forth our Best Writing Selves" By Douglas Hesse the main point is that we are writing more than ever because of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

PLN 21

“350 arrested for DUI over Halloween” by The Associated Press matters because one of my close friends was killed last year on Halloween because of a drunk driver. This matters to me greatly because last year my close friend, Dallas Burton, was hit by a drunk driver and killed. This matters to education because it shows that you can’t get away with driving under the influence. This matters to the world because it is a big problem around the world. In conclusion this article made me happy to see that police are cracking down on drunk driving.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

PLN 20

The article “Space hotel says it’s on schedule to open in 2012” by Stuart McDill matters because it is revolutionary to technology and the human race. This article is about how a company called BARCELONA plans to build a hotel in space. 43 people have already booked a trip which includes a 8 weeks of training on a tropical island and three days in the Galactic suite space resort, but costs $4.4 million per person. This matters to me because by the time I’m 60 space travel might become a regular thing. This relates to what we’re doing in class and “Do You Know” because if we build this space hotel we will become more dependent on technology. This matter to the world because people from around the world have booked to go to this space hotel.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

PLN 19

The article “Tracks in snow lead to robbery suspects” by Victoria Barbatelli matters because it happened near my house. On Wednesday, October 25, three men escaped from the Arapahoe County Centennial Community Transition Center which is a correctional facility in Centennial. The next day, Thursday, the three men robbed 7 elven at 2:30 a.m. Greenwood village police then saw the robbers foot prints which lead to a near by motel 6. At 11:45, that same day the suspects surrendered voluntarily. This matters to me because I live close to where this incident happened. This matters to education because if there were kids at the 7 eleven when it happened something could have gone wrong and the robbers could have gotten up set and shot one of them. This matters to the word because it makes Americans look stupid. Thankfully no one was hurt that day and the robbers were caught. Hopefully, we can learn from this that there are some crazy people in this world.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

PLN 18

The article “Vail Resorts’ sale of season passes up” by The Denver Post is important because it shows that we are coming out of our bad economy. According to this article, the number of season passes sold from last year went up by 14%. This matters to me because if people are buying season passes it means that people are making more money which means that our economy is getting better. This matters to the world because if our economy is good it means that we can be a more competitive country. This matters to education because if more kids have season passes there will be more absences because of ski trips. Overall this article has a good affect because with more people buying things she better the economy gets.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

PLN 17

“Larimer sheriff: Balloon boy's mother admitted hoax” by Mike McPhee matters because the incident was planned. The article states that, “The mother, Mayumi Heene, told authorities that she and her husband knew all along that their son Falcon was hiding in family's Fort Collins home and was not in the balloon as it crossed three counties and landed in a field near Denver International Airport.” Mayumi Heene goes on to say, “The hoax was designed to make the family more marketable to the media, including television reality shows. She also said the flying saucer-shaped balloon had been made specifically for the hoax.” then Richard Heene’s lawyer, David Lane, tries to cover it up by saying that, “her English is not that great” I think that the Heene family is crazy for doing all of this just for publicity.This article matters because I think the Heene’s are a crazy family and the parents should be punished, and it shows what people will do for fame. Now they will probably have to pay some serious fines. In conclusion the Heene family is crazy and should be punished for doing all this.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

PLN 16

“Winter weather coming tonight” by Howard Pankraz matters because it will be one of the first main snow storm that we will have this year. This article tells about how snow is expected tonight! This story matters to me because I find it exciting that we will get snow, but also sad to say good by to the long warm nights of summer. This matters to education because in some areas schools could be canceled or delayed. This matters to the world because the mountains will also get hit with snow which means more people from around the world will go skiing in the mountains.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

PLN 15

The article “Our Googley advice to students: Major in learning” matters because all the traits that google uses to run it’s company we can use to run our life. Like google we need to use analytical reasoning, have good communication skills, a willingness to experiment, be a team player, and have passion and leadership in everything we do. This article connects to “Do You Know” by Karl Fisch, “2020” by Karl Fisch, “The Machines Are Us/ing” by Dr. Wesch, and “A vision of Students today” by Dr. Wesch because we have to adapt to the growing technological world. This article matters to me, the world, and education because we can use these traits in our lives today.

PLN 14

In the article “Rigor Redefined” by Tony Wagner matters because schools are not preparing their students for tomorrow. According to Rigor’s studies “fewer than 1 in 20 classes were engaged in instruction designed to teach students to think instead of merely drilling for the test.” Today most teachers are focusing on teaching students what will be on their next exam instead of teaching them “the seven survival skills” Rigor states “It is not a checklist of teacher behaviors and a model lesson that covers content standards. It is working with colleagues to ensure that all students master the skills they need to succeed as lifelong learners, workers, and citizens. I have yet to talk to a recent graduate, college teacher, community leader, or business leader who said that not knowing enough academic content was a problem. In my interviews, everyone stressed the importance of critical thinking, communication skills, and collaboration.” This article reminds me of "Do You Know” by Karl Fisch because the world is becoming more competitive and if our teachers are not preparing us then we will loose our jobs to more qualified foreigners. This means that academics is not a problem, but critical thinking, communication skills, and collaboration is. This matters to me, education, and the world because teachers are not preparing their students for the future and how to survive in the future.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

PLN 13

For me I disagree with the study headed by Virginia Berninger about whether kids write better with paper and pen or typing. I know for me I like to type on a computer. Since I write left handed when I write my hand rubs over the words I just wrote and is smeared on my hand and on the paper. Because of this the bottom of my hand turns black and my writing is smeared. Also when using a computer to write I can easily delete words without scribbling or using my eraser. When using a computer to type you can use spell check and proof read with ease. With writing on a computer you do not have to worry about a teacher giving you a zero on a paper because they couldn’t read your handwriting. In conclusion I do not agree with the article “The Pen Might be Mightier Than the Keyboard” by Joel Schwarz because I like typing better.

Monday, October 5, 2009

PLN 12

Will Richardson’s article “Footprints in the Digital Age” matters greatly because almost everyone has a digital footprint that we can all learn from. Digital Footprints are “the online portfolios of who we are, what we do, and by association, what we know—are becoming increasingly woven into the fabric of almost every aspect of our lives.” Will Richardson. Digital Footprints matter to me because I have one and all the information that I post will be there for a very long time. As Stanford researcher Danah Boyd puts it “we are discovering the potentials and pitfalls of this new public space. What we say today in our blogs and videos will persist long into the future and not simply end up in the paper recycling bin when we clean out our desks at the end of the year. “ This matters to education because according to Will Richardson 70% of youth who are online are talking about school related subjects and are learning from the internet and other peoples digital footprints. This matters to the world because people around the world have digital footprints and are communicating through the internet. People are using the internet more and reading others digital footprints. For example according to Dr. Wesch’s video “A Vision of Students Today” students read and learn from over 2300 web pages and 1281 Facebook pages which are other peoples digital footprints. In todays wold digital footprints matter greatly because everyone has a digital footprint that we can learn from.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


The video “2020” created by Carl Fisch matters because it is predicting what will happen to technology in the future. “2020” is an interesting video that talks about the future in technology and how goggle will become a major part in our lives whether its with cars, computers, or electricity. This video matters to me because according to this video technology will be a big part in my future. This matters to education because in the future students will be more dependent on technology and use it more in their personal lives. “2020” connects to “Did You Know” because both relate to how humans are becoming more dependent on technology. “2020” is a very interesting video because it predicts the future in technology.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


“Terror suspect Zazi leaves Colorado for New York” by Felisa Cardona is scary because a suspected terrorist was arrested. Zazi was planning to set off a hydrogen peroxide bomb in New York City on 9/11. Zazi rented a car in Denver and started driving to New York September 9, but luckily FBI agents were already watching him and towed away his car and searched it. They found a laptop with bomb making instructions. This matters to me because Zazi was in Denver and could have detonated the bomb here and killed some people I know and care about. This matters to the world and education because it shows people that there are dangerous people out there and that we need to be more cautious. Thankfully this man was caught and nobody was hurt, and hopefully this will be another reminder that there are still terrorists.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


In the article “Boulder filmmaker sues over use of Warren Miller” by Jason Blevines a Boulder film company gets sued because of breaking a trademark law. Warren Miller is a very famous filmmaker who makes ski films and sold his voice to Warren Miller Entertainment who is suing Level 1 productions because Level 1 made a movie with Warren Miller’s voice in it without their consent. This matters to me because Warren Miller is one of my idles because he is one of the greatest skiers of all time. This matters to the world because this movie is world wide and almost everyone can see it. This matters to education because many kids in school will go see this movie and if Warren Miller Entertainment wins the case then the kids will be sad because it won’t be playing any more. In conclusion I hope that Warren Miller Entertainment looses because even though what Level 1 did was wrong they were just trying to mix old school and new school together.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


A Vision of Students Today by Dr. Wesch connects to Did You Know and The Machines Are Us/ing because it shows us how students use their time, how the internet is growing, and how this world is becoming more competitive. Students today are relying more on the internet. For example kids today read eight books, 2300 web pages, and 1281 Facebook profiles. Students will write 42 pages this semester, and over 500 emails. This matters to me because when I am in college I will also be doing this. It matters to the world because all over the world students are relying more on the internet. This matters to education because students are not paying attention in class, instead they are on the internet. This connects to Did You Know and The Machines Are Us/ing because they all show how the internet is affecting students lives, my life, education, and the world.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


“A barnful of therapists” By Douglas Brown is a touching story because people sacrifice their time and money to help disabled children. This matters to me greatly because this article is about one of my best friends who is in a wheel chair and is a patient there. This matters to the world because there is a new therapy, Hippotherapy, which strengthens your core which gives you better balance which means that there is more we can do to help handicapped kids walk again. This matters to education because it shows kids that you don’t have to do something for someone to get something in return. For example the leader of the organization, Sherry, doesn’t expect anything in return from the kids. She does it because she loves doing what ever she can to help handicapped kids walk again. Thanks to Sherry many kids have realized what they can really do.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


“2 arrested in Castle Rock burglary, stabbing” by Kieran Nicholson is a shocking artice because a 55 year old an was stabbed by teens.Monday night two teens were arrested for stabbing a 55 year old man in the stomach which involved four teens. The four teens were believed to be a part of a botched burglary. When the homeowner confronted them they stabbed him in the stomach. This means to me that I need to be more careful because one of the juveniles was only fourteen years old. This means that schools will have to be more careful because those kids most likely go to a school. This means to the world that teens are getting more violent, aggressive, and worse behaved. Hopefully other teens like this will realize that this is wrong and should not do it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


“The New Literacy” by Clive Thomson is similar to, “Did You Know”, and “The Machine is Us/ing Us” which are all based on the same principle that technology and the world are growing rapidly. This connects to “Did You Know” because how can we prepare kids for future jobs we do not know about yet if their writing has deteriorated? This connects to “The Machine is Us/ing Us” because kids are using facebook and texting a lot these days and abbreviate and don’t need to write a lot. This matters to me because according to “The New Literacy” kids writing quality has fallen because of texting, facebook, and not having to write as much which means that I need to step it up in my writing and not let it get bad.

Monday, September 7, 2009

“Boulder woman dies hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park” PLN3

“Boulder woman dies hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park” by Mike McPhee from “The Denver Post” is a scary story which frightens me because I love to hike. This story tells about how a 62 year old woman who was hiking and slipped and fell nearly 50 feet into a river and died. This matters to me greatly because I hike and backpack all the time during the summer. This matters to the world because it shows that hiking can be dangerous and hikers need to be more careful. This matters to education because the schools can remind the students to be careful when hiking because many kids who go to school hike and backpack. In conclusion I know I will be more careful when I hike because of this article and hopefully others will too.

“ The Machine is Us/ing Us” PLN4

Michael Wesch’s video “ The Machine is Us/ing Us” is fascinating. This movie tells about how computers and the web are getting more and more advanced. What matters in this video is that the web is growing dramatically. This matters to us because with the web growing so fast somebody has to organize it all which will create more jobs. This will affect education because since the web is gaining information each second teachers there fore will be using it more in their classes to teach their students. This relates to “Did You Know” because the population is growing and getting increasingly competitive just like the web. In conclusion Michael Wesch’s video “ The Machine is Us/ing Us” is a great example of how the web is increasing in information and becoming more advanced.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

“Women raise bar at colleges” by Tamar Lewin

According to the article “Women raise bar at colleges” by Tamar Lewin guys are slacking off in education which is not okay! Women are the majority of college, enrollment, and get better grades than guys. This matters to me because this means it will be harder to get a job because women are just as smart and capable. Although it will be easier for me to get into college because some colleges don't even look at your application they just see that your a boy and automatically let you in. In conclusion guys need to step it and not let girls beat them.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Did You Know"

In Karl Fisch's video, "Did You Know", what mattered to me was future life. After watching "Did You Know" it made me worried of my future because "China and India have more honor kids than the U.S has kids." If this is true then why would big corporations want to hire me when they could hire someone in India or China for cheaper and they would be just as smart. This matters to the world because it will be more competitive for someone to get a job. This matters to education because it will be harder to get into college.