Tuesday, December 1, 2009

PLN 26

The article “ Teens suspected in busy Lakewood car thefts” by Kieran Nicholson matters because it gives teens an ever worse reputation. Early Sunday morning police dispatchers got a call saying that their Dodge pick up truck is being stolen. Later that day police found the truck, four other stolen cars, and the thieves. One of the teen juveniles asked the cop if they “set a record for the most stolen cars in a day.” This matters to me and the world because this is why teens have a bad reputation. This article matters to education because education prevents much crime from happening by having kids learn and realize that crime is bad, giving kids activities after school, keeps them from doing crime during the school day, and has counseling. In conclusion these teens were stupid and indifferent.

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  1. I think the most fundamental and vital education happens within the nuclear home. You're right, teachers have a unique job in how they can play some huge roles in the development of not only the mind but also in morality. How do you think teachers can "teach" this? How can they essentially make a student a better human being?