Thursday, May 13, 2010

PLN 31

The article “Google Earth helps discover rare hominid ancestor in South Africa” by Michael Jones matters because Google Earth is getting more and more advanced. A couple years ago Google Earth came out and the public was flabbergasted by the capabilities. Back then you could only see peoples homes from the top. Now you can see homes from the front, have 3D buildings, and much more. This article matters to the community, me, and the world because many people use Google Earth including myself and can only imagine what it will be like in 20 years. This article relates to our class because we used Google Earth for a project.

PLN 30

The article “Transparent Algebra: In-Class Part 2 of TBD (When are we ever going to use this Wednesdays)” by Carl Fisch matters because even I ask this question. In geometry almost every time we learn something new at least one kid asks “When are we ever going to use this in life?” and the teacher always responds “In more advanced math you will need to know this.” Even though math is stressful and confusing at times it is an essential skill that you use every day whether you realize it or not. This article matters to me because I ask the question sometimes when I am either confused or frustrated. This article matters to the world and community because there are jobs all over the place that use the math that we are learning now. This article matters to education because education is the reason kids are asking this question. In conclusion I know that we need to learn math and that it is not a pointless skill.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PLN 29

The article “2txt? Or Nt2txt?” by Garrison Keillor matters because in my opinion it is not true that guys are anti-social because they text because girls text more. I think it matters the age group that was tested because in my age group, 15 year olds, are friendly and chill. This article matters to the community and world because there are guys everywhere and almost all of them text and if it is effecting us then, we should cut back. This article relates to our class because almost everyone in our class texts and everyone in our class are guys, therefore our class suffers “from a desperate lack of social skills” which is bazaar if you could see our class everyday. In conclusion I think that the article “2txt? Or Nt2txt?” by Garrison Keillor is preposterous because guys texting does not impact their social skills.

PLN 28

The article “Our boys are falling behind in education” by Dottie Lamm matters because I am a boy. According to the article 60% of students at a co-Ed college are women. Sadly, I can believe this statement. I think guys are falling behind because they are to lazy. In co-Ed classes I Think boys give up. They think competitively and they figure if girls are going to beat them in assignments then why try? This article impacts me positively because since there are less boys at a university it will be easier to get in if your a guy, but this doesn’t mean that I can think that because I am a guy s college will accept me, I still have to try my hardest. This article matters to the world and community because there are boys everywhere and are the reason why they are dropping out. This article matters to our class because every student in our class is a guy and that means that they made the right choice to be in this class because boys do better in single gender classes.

PLN 27

The article “Sometimes This Stuff Still Amazes Me” by Mr. Fisch matters because he is not lying, it is so easy to connect to people 10 minutes away, or on the other-side of the world. Today there are also many ways to stay in ouch with friends of family with either Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Email, and more, but my personal favorite is iChat. iChat lets you talk to the person “face to face” instead of talking back and forth through social networking sights. iChat also lets you “share the screen” which means you can show what the person your talking to something on your computer screen whether it is a picture or a website. This article matters to me, the world, our class, and my community because almost everyone uses a way to keep in touch by the computer whether it is Email, Facebook, Twitter, Etc.

PLN 26

The article “Giving a voice to more languages on Google Translate” by Fergus Henderson matters because many people, such as myself, use Google Translate. Google recently added many languages to Google Translate and now Google has the ability to turn the text to speech. This article matters to me because I use Google Translate all the time for Spanish class and is very helpful when you don’t know a word. This article matters to my community and the world because people speak different languages and use Google Translate to help say a word. This matters to education because since it is so easy and simple to use Google Translate some students I know don’t take notes in Spanish class and upload the homework assignment into Google Translate and lean Spanish by doing that. I guess what I am trying to say is that technology is starting to replace teachers and in some places already has. For Example you can now go to college online and earn a degree. In conclusion, the real question is, when will it be when we don’t need teachers any more and just learn from technology?

PLN 25

The article “Mapping the Gulf oil spill in Google Earth” by Christiaan Adams matters because the oil spill can be tracked by using Google Earth Satellites. Two weeks ago an oil rig, Deepwater Horizon, leaked 210,000 gallons of oil into the gulf of Mexico. Since then Google has been taking pictures from Google Earth Satellites that show the progression of the oil spill into the ocean. This article matters to the world because the oil will kill millions of fish and organisms which will mean people will not be able to catch as many fish. Therefore, it will influence our community because there is a small supply the prices will have to rise which mean companies will go out of business that sell fish. This article matters to education because it is up to education to find a way to prevent this from happening again, and clean up the spilled oil.

PLN 24

The article “The Google design, turned up a notch” by Jon Wiley matters because many people use Google. This past week Google changed its Logo. You may not have noticed, but Google made their logo brighter and simpler. Google also changed the left-panel to be more user friendly and better looking. This article matters to the world and our community because people around the world can see the new logo and use the new side bar. This article matters to our class because almost everyone in our class uses Google every day and is affected by the change because now they can search easier with the new left-hand side bar.

PLN 23

The article “Flamingo Primary and High School visits Makongwa School in Nata” by The Nata Village blog matters because people were helped. On July 2, 2009 Flamingo Primary and High school from Sua township visited Makongwa Primary School in Nata. Makongwa Primary School has 36 needy Orphans. Thankfully Flamingo Primary and High school brought clothes for each orphan. The Orphans received clothing, shoes, Jersey and track suits. This article matters to my community because people in my community donate time and money in order for orphans to get clothes. For example last summer I did my eagle scout project that gave 150 orphans in Africa education supplies and about 50 people helped me achieve that. This article matters to the world because there are underprivileged individuals all around the world that need help. This article matters to education because in America we have the privilege to be able to get a first class education, but unfortunately these cannot get as good as education. In conclusion this article matters because people were helped.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

PLN 22

The article “Man who drove into food vendor pleads guilty to careless driving” by Howard Pankratz matters because many kids in our class have their permit and they need to realize that driving is a serious responsibility that some people cannot handle. Mead Myers, 31, was driving home, fell asleep, and hit, 27-year-old Pedro Hernandez, a street vendor. Hernandez has multiple severe injuries because of it. This article matters to the world because people all over the world drive who could do the same thing. This article matters to our community because it happened on Sheridan which is a couple miles past my house. This article matters to our class because since we are teenagers it is a great lesson to learn; if you’re feeling sleepy at all have someone else drive you home because it is not worth it.