Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PLN 27

The article “Sometimes This Stuff Still Amazes Me” by Mr. Fisch matters because he is not lying, it is so easy to connect to people 10 minutes away, or on the other-side of the world. Today there are also many ways to stay in ouch with friends of family with either Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Email, and more, but my personal favorite is iChat. iChat lets you talk to the person “face to face” instead of talking back and forth through social networking sights. iChat also lets you “share the screen” which means you can show what the person your talking to something on your computer screen whether it is a picture or a website. This article matters to me, the world, our class, and my community because almost everyone uses a way to keep in touch by the computer whether it is Email, Facebook, Twitter, Etc.

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