Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PLN 29

The article “2txt? Or Nt2txt?” by Garrison Keillor matters because in my opinion it is not true that guys are anti-social because they text because girls text more. I think it matters the age group that was tested because in my age group, 15 year olds, are friendly and chill. This article matters to the community and world because there are guys everywhere and almost all of them text and if it is effecting us then, we should cut back. This article relates to our class because almost everyone in our class texts and everyone in our class are guys, therefore our class suffers “from a desperate lack of social skills” which is bazaar if you could see our class everyday. In conclusion I think that the article “2txt? Or Nt2txt?” by Garrison Keillor is preposterous because guys texting does not impact their social skills.

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