Wednesday, March 17, 2010

PLN 18

Are laptops worth it? Are they worth the money? The effort in troubleshooting? Or having to continually maintain them? The answer to all these questions above is YES. Having laptops available in class is extremely helpful. Having laptops in class prepares us for the future because instead of learning on paper and pencil we are learning through technology which will rely on more in the future. With laptops I can understand what the teacher says when she uses unfamiliar vocabulary which extends my vocabulary detrimentally. If I could not have laptops next year I could not get the grades I have. Ever since I started using laptops learning became easy and my grades showed it. Pleases LPS continue funding laptops!

Monday, March 15, 2010

PLN 17

The video “Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry demo SixthSense” matters because it is a glimpse of the future. The SixthSense device is simply amazing. This device can take pictures, get products ratings, information about people places or things. The SixthSense is also like the Google Googles because they both use cameras to search. This matters to me because in my future I will most likely be using a device like this. This matters to the world because people from all over the world are working on the SixthSense. This video relates to our class because in the future instead of using laptops they can just use the SixthSense. In conclusion, the SixthSense matters because it is a glimpse of the future.

PLN 16

The video “Google Googles” by google matters because it is revolutionary. Google Googles is an app on phones that allows users to search the web by taking pictures of what they want to search for. This matters to me because soon this app will be on all phones. This video matters to the world because nobody in the world has this application on their phone. This video relates to our class because some kids already have phones that have google googles or if not will be getting one in the future. In conclusion, Google Googles will revolutionize the way people use their phones.

PLN 15

The article “Adams sherif in neighborhood where deputy was shot” by The Denver Post matters because an officer who is serving for the good of the people was shot. Saturday night near Rotella Park around 11:00 p.m an Adams County Sheriff was shot. Adams County says the officer was “ investigating a disturbance at an apartment complex.” This article matters to me because a good family friend works as a police officer and could also be shot. This article matters to the world because there are Police Officers around the world who are sadly being shot as well. This article relates to our class because Police officers are getting shot, because they are protecting us. In conclusion, more people need to realize how dangerous being a cop can be and that they are doing their job in order to protect us.

PLN 14

The article “Texas teen brain-dead after Beaver Creek ski accident” by Edward Stoner matters because thousands people die each year because of ski related accidents. Sunday afternoon, 13 year old Taylor Storch was enjoying the 47 degree weather when she suddenly veered off an intermediate run and collided with a tree. Even though she was wearing a helmet she was brain dead. This matters to me because I ski at Beaver Creek oodles of times and have gone down the same run that she crashed on. This matters to the world because people ski all over the world and need to be more careful when skiing. This article relates to our class because over half the class most likely goes skiing regularly and need to realize that skiing is very dangerous. In conclusion, this article matters because thousands of people suffer from skiing injuries each year.