Monday, April 5, 2010

PLN 21

The article “El Paso County mom to be charged in son’s death” by The Denver Post matters because it is a terrible way for somebody to die. A recent autopsy on Tristan Ddosdall revealed that he died from blunt force trauma. Blunt force trauma is where someone is dies because physical trauma to a body part. Whether Michelle Dosdall, Tristan’s mom, beat her child or got in an accident is not know because the article does not specify. This article matters to our world because many kids die from blunt force trauma including one of my friends in middle school. This article matters to our class because it could happen to anyone in our class because many play sports, drive in a car, and do some crazy stuff. In conclusion, this is a terrible way for someone to die, but hopefully the mom did not mean to kill her son.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

PLN 20

The article “Man guilty in Aspen-linked bomb plot” by The Denver Post matters because it shows that people will do almost anything to get revenge. Today, jurors in Tuscon Arizona found Ronald Young guilty. Young had killed Gary Triano because Triano’s ex-wife, Pamela Phillips, paid him $400,000 to do so. Young had placed a pipe bomb in Triano’s town car, and on the way to a party Triano’s town car exploded killing him. this article matters because it is hard to imaging somebody hating another person so much they pay someone $400,000 to kill him.

PLN 19

The article “A different kind of company name” by Google is shocking. Today, April 1st, google changed its name to Topeka because Topeka Kansas supposedly changed their name to Google. The first time I read this my jaw was hang in shock, but then I realized today was April Fools day and laughed it off. Not only is this amusing, but also a great marketing strategy because of new software that could be named Topeka. This article matters because millions of people use Google a day and would be disappointed if they changed their name.