Wednesday, February 24, 2010

PLN 13

The article “Lakewood man killed by light-rail in LoDO” by The Denver Post matters because thousands of people use the light-rail and could be killed. Tuesday night Paul Michael Mettam, 36, was killed near the Pepsi Center. Around 11:00 p.m. Mettam was hit by the light-rail and killed instantly.This story matters to me because I take the light-rail home after a game at the Pepsi Center and every time I ride the light-rial I will know somebody died on it. This matters to education because education will need to find a way to prevent this from happening again. This matters to the world because there are trains everywhere and an accident like this could happen again. Hopefully this accident will not happen again and people will be more careful when getting on the light-rail.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

PLN 12

The article “2 students shot, 1 man arrested Deer Creek Middle School” by Howard Pankratz, Kevin Vaughan, and Joey Bunch matters because two students were shot. This afternoon two kids were shot at Deer Creek Middle school and rushed to the emergency room. As the kids were boarding the bus to leave for home a middle aged guys fired one shot in the air then, a second shot at a child. He shot an Eighth grader and a seventh grader, but thankfully brave faculty members tailed him and unarmed him before he was able shoot more people. This matters to me because I go to school and this could happen at Arapahoe. This matters to the world because there are schools all over the world that could be future targets. This matters to education because education needs to take more precautions so this does not happen again. In conclusion, schools need to be taking more precautions so this does not happen again.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

PLN 11

The article “Prof. charged in 3 fatal shootings on Ala. campus” by Kristin M. Hall matters because it seems because it was a tremendous waste. Friday Amy Bishop who was a biology professor, instructor, and researcher at the University of Alabama open fired at a facility meeting and killed three professors and three other faculty members. Amy Bishop was 42 years old, a neurobiologist who studied at Harvard, and won $25,000 for inventing a portable cell incubator. Police say that she did it because she was frustrated she was denied tenure at UHA, because of this she wasted so much talent.This matters to me because soon I will be off to college and would not want anything like this to happen while I am there. This matters to the world because there are universities all over the world that an incident such as this one could happen. This matters to education because shooting like columbine and Virginia tech all happened and killed students. In conclusion Amy Bishop wasted her life because she had so much talent.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PLN 10

The article “Georgia: Tragedy strikes as Winter Olympic games open” by Anna Keshelasvili matters because it is a tragedy. While practicing on the extremely fast, dangerous luge course Nodar Kumaritashvili crashed and flew off the course and into a steel pole. This article matters to me because one of my friends who lives in California and almost qualified to go to the Olympics and could also be hurt. This article maters to the world because people and competitors from all over the world are mourning his death. This story relates to our class because almost everyone in our class probably watched the Olympics and heard about the accident. This was a very sad accident and thankfully the Olympics committee has covered the poles and slowed the track down to prevent another accident like this from happening.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The article and videos in “Digital Ethnography” by Professor Wesch matters because it shows students helping other students financially. The K-State proud team are very helpful with helping other students pay for expensive things such as text books, tuition, and other things such as helping students park and cross the street. The K-State proud team matters to me because hopefully when I go to college they will still have an organization such as K-State proud team at my college. This matters to my community and the world because students everywhere have trouble paying for bills and the K-State proud team is a great role model for every college.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


The article “Longmont teen killed in fatal crash in Boulder” by Erica Meltzer matters because an 18 year old teenager was killed. Thursday night Joseph C. Neal was killed when he ran a stop sign and hit by an oncoming car. This matters to me because I am driving and it makes me realize how dangerous driving can be. This matters to the world because there are teenagers driving all over the world and need to be more careful so they do not end up like Neal. This matters to education because education should emphasize safe driving habits in school. In conclusion this story matters because if proves they if you do not drive safely and follow the laws your life can quickly disappear.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


The article “Recycling fire in Englewood under investigation” by Kieran Nicholson matters because it could happen again. Monday late Monday night firefighters received the call that the recycling plant was burning down. When the firefighters finally made it there the fire was “fully involved”-Hehn. This matters to me because it happened near family friends and could have burned down their home. This matters to the world because there are recycling plants all around the world, therefore, they could also burn. This matters to education because it is up to education to find out how the fire started and prevent other recycling plants from burning. Thank fully the fire was put out and nobody was hurt.

Monday, February 1, 2010


The article “Federal Food Programs” by SNAP matters because it is helping to reduce the poverty level in the U.S. The food stamp was born in the late 1930s and is still in affect today. This program provides food for the less fortunate. This matters to me because I feel depressed for people who have to wonder how they are going to survive the next day and this program helps them survive by feeding them. This matters to the world because this program is setting an example for other countries to help the less fortunate. This maters to education because it pushes students to get an education to be able to have a well paying job and being self dependent. In conclusion the food stamp makes a difference in our community today.