Wednesday, February 17, 2010

PLN 11

The article “Prof. charged in 3 fatal shootings on Ala. campus” by Kristin M. Hall matters because it seems because it was a tremendous waste. Friday Amy Bishop who was a biology professor, instructor, and researcher at the University of Alabama open fired at a facility meeting and killed three professors and three other faculty members. Amy Bishop was 42 years old, a neurobiologist who studied at Harvard, and won $25,000 for inventing a portable cell incubator. Police say that she did it because she was frustrated she was denied tenure at UHA, because of this she wasted so much talent.This matters to me because soon I will be off to college and would not want anything like this to happen while I am there. This matters to the world because there are universities all over the world that an incident such as this one could happen. This matters to education because shooting like columbine and Virginia tech all happened and killed students. In conclusion Amy Bishop wasted her life because she had so much talent.

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