Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PLN 23

The article “Flamingo Primary and High School visits Makongwa School in Nata” by The Nata Village blog matters because people were helped. On July 2, 2009 Flamingo Primary and High school from Sua township visited Makongwa Primary School in Nata. Makongwa Primary School has 36 needy Orphans. Thankfully Flamingo Primary and High school brought clothes for each orphan. The Orphans received clothing, shoes, Jersey and track suits. This article matters to my community because people in my community donate time and money in order for orphans to get clothes. For example last summer I did my eagle scout project that gave 150 orphans in Africa education supplies and about 50 people helped me achieve that. This article matters to the world because there are underprivileged individuals all around the world that need help. This article matters to education because in America we have the privilege to be able to get a first class education, but unfortunately these cannot get as good as education. In conclusion this article matters because people were helped.

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