Sunday, October 25, 2009

PLN 17

“Larimer sheriff: Balloon boy's mother admitted hoax” by Mike McPhee matters because the incident was planned. The article states that, “The mother, Mayumi Heene, told authorities that she and her husband knew all along that their son Falcon was hiding in family's Fort Collins home and was not in the balloon as it crossed three counties and landed in a field near Denver International Airport.” Mayumi Heene goes on to say, “The hoax was designed to make the family more marketable to the media, including television reality shows. She also said the flying saucer-shaped balloon had been made specifically for the hoax.” then Richard Heene’s lawyer, David Lane, tries to cover it up by saying that, “her English is not that great” I think that the Heene family is crazy for doing all of this just for publicity.This article matters because I think the Heene’s are a crazy family and the parents should be punished, and it shows what people will do for fame. Now they will probably have to pay some serious fines. In conclusion the Heene family is crazy and should be punished for doing all this.

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  1. Yeah it is simply a ridiculous scenario isn't it? It's unfortunate and disappointing that a family wouldn't even consider such a thing. What kind of punishments do you think they should be subject to?