Tuesday, October 20, 2009

PLN 16

“Winter weather coming tonight” by Howard Pankraz matters because it will be one of the first main snow storm that we will have this year. This article tells about how snow is expected tonight! This story matters to me because I find it exciting that we will get snow, but also sad to say good by to the long warm nights of summer. This matters to education because in some areas schools could be canceled or delayed. This matters to the world because the mountains will also get hit with snow which means more people from around the world will go skiing in the mountains.

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  1. We had snow up here a couple of weeks ago. It got so cold! Everything has melted now though at least. One thing that I don't like about living in Canada is that we never get snow days. I've always had to go to school regardless of the weather. Rarely do Canadian schools ever close down because of the cold. Do you get snow days or cancelled school? How do you think those affect a child's education?